Photo & Video Gallery

Video Gallery (33)
View some videos of Carey singing with the Beach Boys, appearing on "The Maury Show", "TMZ", "Inside Edition", "Animal Planet" and more. Carey has been on many local and national television shows, and in several movies. Being an actress helps her while performing her duties as a county commissioner. It allows her to get the word out on certain issues and shows people that working together, they can make a difference.
Modeling and Acting Photo Gallery (31)
Carey Torrice has been a professional union actress and model for many years.
Carey's Political Photo Gallery (254)
Macomb County Commissioner Carey Torrice posts pictures of some of the events that she attends while working as a county commissioner. Carey believes that supporting these events and charities is an important part of being an elected official. She enjoys every minute of it, especially meeting so many interesting people.
Carey's Hollywood Photo Gallery (56)
Carey hanging out with Hollywood stars! As an actress, Carey has met many celebrities. Carey is constantly working to bring more movie production to Macomb County, so jobs will be created.
Family Photo Gallery (27)
Carey's Family Photos. Carey believes that family is the most important thing. Her mother, who passed away from ovarian cancer, always told Carey to "Believe in Yourself." Carey uses this philosophy in her everyday life, even when things get rough. Her father, a US Marine and Vietnam Veteran who passed away, taught her to be a "Strong little soldier." Her parents taught her not to quit until she attained her goals. Carey lives by this everyday.
Fun Section Photo Gallery (34)
Carey's Fun Stuff Photo Gallery, with all kinds of fun photos! She has posted these pictures to show people the fun side of her life, when she is not representing people as a county commissioner. Carey has always been active and stresses physical fitness and good nutrition for healthy living.

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