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Hot Chick Of The Day- Carey Torrice


Friday, March 30, 2012

Hot Chick Of The Day- Carey Torrice

We are truly blessed to have today's "Hot Chick Of The Day", the beautiful, intelligent, funny Carey Torrice. Carey Torice is not just an Actress, not just a smokin hot babe, but a POLITICIAN (and one that I actually like at that)... let's learn more about her.

Name: Carey Torrice

Location: Clinton Township, MI

Occupation: Private Investigator, Actress and Former Macomb County Commissioner

Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Favorite Fighter: Junior "Cigano" dos Santos

Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty and Ms Pac Man (arcade machine)

Favorite Super Hero: Wonder Woman and Hulk

Turn On's: Intelligence, a positive attitude, empathy for others, kindness to animals,

Turn Off's: Bad hygiene, Swearing, Arrogance, yelling, controlling,

Hobbies: Waterskiing, working out, taking acting classes, traveling and

What do you do in your leisure?

Bubble baths by candlelight with a glass of Vino.

What are your views on Rick Snyder?

Not a big fan. Michigan had one of the nation's most generous film incentive programs until Oct. 1, when annual spending on the program was capped at $25 million. Shortly after the cap went into effect, numerous pending projects bailed on Michigan. The superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, was set to film in Detroit but quickly backed out and chose to film in Ohio instead. Earlier this week, Iron Man 3 pulled out of Michigan, opting to film in North Carolina instead. Michigan lost millions in the film business money thanks to Gov. Snyder.

Let's say you were the Governor or State Senator... how would you fix the state of Michigan's Current Economy?

I would cut taxes 50% for individuals and businesses. Putting this extra cash in the hands of people and small businesses. Eliminate the Capital Gains tax. Newt argues this will provide the capital to build new factories, enable entrepreneurs to start new businesses, create new technologies, etc. Drastically slim down the corporate tax rate, which is among the highest in the world. Reducing our corporate tax rate to that of Ireland (12.5%) would make America a magnet for new companies which would hire American workers. Kill the Death Tax. Taxing the after tax savings of Americans is immoral, mob-like behavior. Killing the death tax would unleash hundreds of billions of dollars that Americans could use to start new businesses and hire Americans.

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