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‘Holly’s World’ Recap:Best episode of the season


The March 27 episode of Holly’s World was an emotional rollercoaster, moving between super-sexy and super-touching!

The show opens up with the tearful reunion between Holly Madison’s Peepshow costar Josh Strickland and his birth mother, Cindy. He finds out from Cindy that he also has three half-sisters and a 5-year-old niece. Despite the fact that Cindy gave Josh up for adoption, he assured her “there was never hate in my heart.” Cindy explained the hardships she went through while pregnant with Josh and after he was born, saying she gave him up for adoption “to save your life.” The next day, Josh went to dinner with Cindy and met his half-sisters for the first time, which brought on another tearful reunion!  It was nothing short of amazing to see such a successful outcome to Josh’s search for his family.

Overall, this was definitely the best episode of the season — so much drama, so many tears and so many hot bikini shots!

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