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Commissioner Torrice Working To Bring In Michigan Pet Fund

Macomb Cuts Funding To Animal Shelter

Commissioner Torrice Working To Bring In Michigan Pet Fund

POSTED: Wednesday, February 24, 2010
UPDATED: 8:03 am EST February 25, 2010

The Macomb County Board of Commissioners voted Wednesday to eliminate funding for its animal shelter. But Commissioner Carey Torrice said she's working to bring in the Michigan Pet Fund, which will save the county hundreds of thousands and create a better environment for the shelter's animals.

“How can we just say, ‘OK, this one can survive, this one gets to die?’” Torrice said.

Torrice said the shelter has been trying to move toward a no-kill facility for more than a year, and that if the non-profit organization takes over the shelter, the animals will be better taken care of.

“If the Michigan Pet Fund comes in and takes over, we might now be able to spay and neuter the pets, we might be able to get the medicine we need to take care of these pets, " she said.

The county said no deal has been struck with the non-profit yet but said a decision could come at the next board meeting in March.

The county would not say is the shelter would close all together if the non-profit didn't take over.

The county has been struggling to overcome a more than $15 million budget deficit.

Cuts have already been made to the prosecutor and sheriff's offices.
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