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Americaís hottest politician Carey Torrice!

I live in Michigan, Iím embarrassed by Michigan
Jennifer Granholm doesnít like to do anything thatís hard. Thatís why she was so good as Sarah Palinís stand-in during Joe Bidenís debate prep. It was a little like Courtney Love playing Althea Flynt. It makes sense that Granholmís top priority isnít responding (one way or the other) to Andy Dillonís public employee health care reform or negotiating a budget for the next fiscal year which starts in, oh ten weeks. Nope. Granholm is busy starring in a fancy commercial to support the stateís not-at-all-cost effective film industry tax credits. Look Kid Rock is also in the commercial! And Americaís hottest politician Carey Torrice! We need to blog about Carey more often. Sheís hot.
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